1937 Hemp Store & Buzzn

1937 Hemp Store & Buzzn

March 21, 2020

We’re very selective when it comes to our product partners. So, this week we’re talking about why we partnered with Buzzn and their pharmacist-created, toxin-free CBD products.

It seems like you can find CBD products just about anywhere today. In some ways that’s a good thing! It means there’s a high demand for CBD and that more brands are promoting the amazing benefits of this special little cannabinoid. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean these products are safe or even contain as much CBD as they advertise. That’s why we make it a priority to partner with brands that hold themselves, and their products, to the highest of standards. 

That’s why we’re so excited to announce our newest partnership with Buzzn. This Brooklyn born, Colorado-grown company believes hemp products should be natural and effective without harsh additives. Not only do they carefully craft CBD products for our four-legged friends, but they also make boutique oils and balms for YOU with a focus on purity and sustainability. 

That all sounds great, but we need details! Lots of brands SAY their products are clean and toxin-free but what does that actually mean? 


How We Select Our Partners

The process we go through to select our partners is very similar to the process you should be using every time you purchase a CBD product. It’s all about finding products that align with our mission. Since our goal is to give people access to products that are safe, effective, and sustainably sourced, these are the qualities we look for in a brand…


    Lab Results

We can’t emphasize this enough. It’s SO important to look at the COA (certificate of analysis) for any product you purchase. That’s the only way to ensure the THC levels are within legal range, and that the CBD levels match what’s being advertised. This is such an important step that we’ve actually written an entire blog about it already (check it out here). 



One of our most important values is sustainability. That means we want to promote brands that use sustainably sourced hemp and actively work to reduce their carbon footprint. There’s no point in partnering with a brand if their hemp supply won’t be around for the long haul--that means taking care of our plants and the planet they grow on.


    Based in the US

While we’d love to support international CBD brands, it’s best to partner with brands that have to adhere to the strict agricultural regulations required by the 2018 Farm Bill. The whole reason that CBD is so widely available now, is that it legally must be made from industrial hemp. For a cannabis plant to qualify as “industrial hemp” it cannot contain more than 0.3% THC by weight.


This is also a good rule to follow when it comes to purchasing CBD for personal use. Not every county has the same agricultural regulations when it comes to health and safety. To ensure that your products are safe, toxin-free, and legal, you should always purchase CBD from US brands. 



This should be a no brainer, but we want to partner with brands that people love. So, just the same way you read reviews on a product before you decide to buy, we read LOTS of reviews before we decide to partner with someone. 



Who is Buzzn?

We spent a lot of time researching Buzzn and trying out their products. After all that work, we can proudly say we’ve officially partnered with them and you can find their products in our shop today! 


After reviewing the lab results from Buzzn, it’s clear they hold themselves to high standards when it comes to purity and consistency. To check out those results for yourself, click here. Let’s just say, their products are the kind we’re proud to have in our store. 

When it comes to sustainability, they passed with flying colors. Not only does Buzzn create their products using PCR-rich hemp from Colorado, but they also utilize organic farming practices to grow hemp with maximum potency and consistency. Plus, all of their packaging is made from fifty percent post-consumer waste and all their paper is completely recyclable. If that wasn’t enough, they also plant trees to reduce their carbon footprint and their inks are vegetable-based. 

One of the best things about Buzzn, however, is their dedication to the health and happiness of our furry friends. Both of their pet-friendly products are veterinarian-approved and only use all-natural ingredients. On top of this, every time someone buys one of their pet products, they donate a portion to the Korean K9 Rescue. This nonprofit organization saves dogs from the Korean meat trade in South Korea (we’re not crying, YOU’RE crying…*sniffle*).

Do you see now why we’re a bit obsessed with them?

We know, we know...you’re really interested in what products they have and what people are saying about them. Don’t worry, we’ve got all of that too.



Buzzn Products

We’re thrilled to give our 1937 Hemp family access to five awesome products carefully crafted by Buzzn. They use supercritical CO2 extraction to get nano-sized CBD particles. The small oil particles mean you’ll absorb the CBD much faster and more efficiently. Yes, please!


Buzzn | Orange Bliss CBD Hemp Oil (1oz, 500mg)

This tropical-inspired flavor is great on its own, but can also brighten up a fruit smoothie or fresh salad. This broad-spectrum hemp oil contains orange essential oils to lift your mood and lighten your step. 

One of Buzzns customers even said, “It’s very good tasting, love the consistency and texture, and it’s almost instant (for me at least). I can feel this sense of relaxation after taking it sublingually.” 


Buzzn | Chill Mint CBD Hemp Oil (1oz, 500mg)

If you’re looking for a more mellow experience, then definitely try their Chill Mint CBD Hemp Oil.  The peppermint oil works with their CBD to help melt away stress and promote a sense of calm and clarity. Plus, its flavors leave your breath minty fresh and can be used to add a twist to your favorite seltzer water.

One review said, “This chills me out just enough I can focus and be productive without being overwhelmed by busy city living.” That’s something LOTS of us can relate to!


Buzzn | Super Powered Healing Balm with Eucalyptus (2oz, 1000mg)

If you’re a topical lover, then fear not. Buzzn has crafted a Healing Balm that will provide targeted relief for sore muscles, joint pain, and/or inflammation. With 1000mg of CBD, this balm is designed to be used liberally. Plus, with goodies like beeswax, lavender, and eucalyptus, it may feel more like a luxurious spa treatment. 


Buzzn | Puppy Potion CBD Oil (1oz, 250mg)

With a more mild dose of CBD, this oil is a good option for those starting a new CBD regimen for their pet. The easy to administer dropper means you’ll be able to determine what dose is best for your furry friend. For more details on determining the correct dosage for your dog, check out our full blog on that topic here.

Once you know what dose is best for your dog, you can try out a more tasty option, like...


Buzzn | Chill Bites for Pets (30ct, 60mg)

We don’t know any pet that doesn’t enjoy treats, and the Buzzn Chill Bites are no different! Buzzn didn’t cut any corners when it came to these treats either. With ingredients like beef liver, flaxseed oil, sweet potato, and Vitamin E, your pets will both enjoy and benefit from these tasty little treats. 

Brandie from Cannavybe reviewed these products with her pocket-pittie, Benny. She said, “I really loved having the Chill Bites treats on hand as they are quick to hand out….These are perfect to use on an as-needed basis. Benny, of course, loooooves the treats.”

We Love Celebrating Our Partners!

This is the first of several feature pieces we’re going to post about our phenomenal partners. One of the biggest goals of 1937 Hemp is to give people access to safe, effective products, and to educate people about CBD. The best way we can do that is to talk about WHY we support certain brands and why you should consider supporting them too. 

CBD has already improved the quality of life for thousands of people (and animals). One of the things that really keeps us going is hearing about the experiences of our awesome community. So be sure to follow and tag us next time you post about any of our featured products. 







Hannah Walker is a mostly-retired University English instructor who spends her time freelance copywriting. When not doing that, she’s writing articles related to CBD, skincare, and/or media. With an MA in English-Creative Writing she’s probably working on a creative piece at this very moment. See more about Hannah’s work on her website or on Instagram.



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