The 5 Must-Read CBD Books

CBD Books

December 14, 2019

You won’t find a band of writers more interested in cannabidiol (CBD) than the team at 1937 Hemp Store; we love to talk and write about CBD. But we know that even the best CBD blog in the world can’t satisfy those deeper quests for knowledge.

Alas, sometimes nothing satiates the desire to know and to learn more than a book. We’ve stacked countless hours between the covers of just about every book on hemp and the wonders of CBD. From dense scientific jargon to light and fluffy cookbooks, there’s tons of information out there if you know where to look.

Which brings us to our must-read list of the top books on CBD. We found that not all the books available for purchase explain as much as others, nor do they lay out their information as readily, or contain the most relevant sources.

So if you’re prepping to journey into the lush green fields of this beneficial cannabinoid, we’re here to kickstart your journey with our favorite books on the subject. From the curious observer to the dedicated CBD and cannabis advocate, there’s something for everyone in our list of the best books on CBD.

The Top Five Books on CBD



The 5 Must-Read CBD Books

CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis - by Leonard Leinow and Juliana Birnbaum

If you only buy one book on CBD, buy this one. Leinow and Birnbaum have compiled an extensive trove of information on the subject. They’re both long-time advocates, with decades of passionate study on CBD, hemp, and cannabis. That means the discussions and explanations are deeply rooted in their appreciation for the plant as medicine; respect vibrates from every page. 

You’ll find easy to read sections to get you started, whether you’re looking to try oils, consumables, or dried flower. But what really sets the book apart is the wealth of information that’s available as you adjust to life with CBD. 

Which is why I say that this is THE book on the subject. I cannot count how many times I’ve pulled my copy from the shelf to re-check my explanation of the Endocannabinoid System or refresh my memory on the five major phytocannabinoids of the cannabis plant. 

Also, it has an entire chapter on CBD for pets! With dose recommendations and delivery method tips, the book does what most books on CBD and pets fail to do: present safe and accurate dosing methods for your furry friend. 

This is a book you’ll come back to as a reference guide throughout your CBD journey, which is my favorite type of non-fiction book. 



 The 5 Must-Read CBD Books




CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets by Gretchen Lidicker 

Searching for a book to persuade a family member or friend to consider CBD? Try Lidicker’s CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets. She’s laid out the information in easy to understand, colorful pages, with Instagram-worthy photos peppered throughout to instill a buoyant, casual tone. 

I found the blithe tone sometimes got in the way of the content, but this is a book that’s meant to be picked up on a whim, catching the wandering eye and bringing the reader into the fold, so I can’t fault its breeziness.

Lidicker is the health editor for MidBodyGreen, with a master's degree in physiology and years of experience writing for the web. So expect a shrewd balance between scientific evidence and pedestrian pragmatism. The book is divided into catchy chapter headings that remind us of our 1937 Hemp blog articles, such as “10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong with CBD.” 

The last few chapters offer easy to make recipes that include your CBD oil. Some of the other writers thought the recipes were worth the time. I’m on the fence. They take up almost half of the book’s real estate, and with tons of information that can be discussed in a book on cannabidiol, I found the recipes smelled a little of filler. 

Still, it’s a great book. And for the right reader, like your busy mom or cantankerous uncle who’d benefit from some CBD oil for a bad shoulder, no other book breaks down the information as easily or as clearly as this one. 


The 5 Must-Read CBD Books


Healing with CBD by Eileen Konieczny with Lauren Wilson

As the title suggests, Healing with CBD is a patient-focused deep-dive into cannabidiol. Koneiczny is a nurse by trade, with nearly two decades of cannabis advocacy buttressing her understanding of the plant. Her passion for CBD emanates from the sections in the book. And her ongoing tango with the American medical system informs her thoughts and suggestions about talking to your doctor before trying cannabidiol. 

Healing with CBD relates over 250 pages of cannabis history, discovery, and ongoing innovation. I like its measured approach to the subject, with detailed overviews of the legalities of CBD and cannabis throughout the US, and transparent comments on the relevant research. 

Unlike my second pick, you won’t find pictures in the book, just a few charts and diagrams, all in black and white. On the plus side, this keeps the price low — it’s one of the cheaper books you can buy new on the subject of CBD. 

I found chapter eight to be especially worthwhile. The authors detail 27 illnesses and how CBD can ameliorate symptoms and increase your quality of life. They also don’t hide from the possible side effects and discomforts that can arise from combining CBD with medications. 




The 5 Must-Read CBD Books


The CBD Oil Miracle by Laura Lagano

I initially ignored this book because the title, for me, seemed tactless. To outright call CBD a miracle, at this point, triggered warning bells in my head. I envisaged outlandish claims and hard sells for cancer cures. But after I read the introduction, I understood Lagano’s motivations. She’s witnessed the change cannabis, and CBD in particular, can affect in those closest to her. 

Her best friend and business partner has used CBD as part of her cancer treatment for years. And her daughter’s ADHD was curtailed by a regimen of CBD and other cannabinoids. For Lagano, CBD oil works, and she’s written a compelling book to convince readers. 

The book is divided into two sections. Part one deals with the historical and biological facts of CBD and cannabis. You’ll find some compelling literature on the benefits of CBD and its various uses throughout recorded history. 

Part two details around thirty ailments, from Acne and Addiction to Cancer and Schizophrenia. She spends around three to five pages per condition, outlining the causes and symptoms, the triggers and ways to cope with or without CBD. Then she recommends a form of CBD to try, such as edibles for irritable bowel. My only complaint here is that she can glaze over how CBD can treat some of these ailments. But I suppose there’s only so much time.




The 5 Must-Read CBD Books


The CBD Kitchen by Leah Vanderveldt

Leah Vanderveldt is another MindBodyGreen alumni, sharing a spot on this list with Gretchen Lidicker. She’s written in the health and wellness niche for years, specializing in food journalism, and it shows; her knack for recipes informs every page of this well-packaged book. 

There’s more than one CBD recipe book on the market. I could do a whole separate roundup just for them. But of the few I enjoyed, this one was my favorite. Although it masquerades as a cookbook, it’s more a collection of do-it-yourself CBD lifestyle projects. You’ll find yummy recipes aplenty, sure, but you’ll also discover coffee infusions, mocktails, and skin creams and toners. 

The last section, Your CBD Schedule, hashes out a few examples of what your morning, afternoon, and evening could look like by including recipes from the pages of her book. She also includes pertinent info on cooking with CBD oil, such as to not let the cannabinoid reach above 350F and the best ways to infuse it into meals. 

The CBD Kitchen is a chromatic experience. The images play with color and framing smartly, like a best-of Instagram collection, and the recipes straddle complexity and fun without veering too far into complicated sous chef territory. 

I will admit that a few of the treats, like the CBD Raspberry and Banana Nice Ice Cream, I skipped right past. Others, however, I loved. Vanderveldt's Roasted Potato and Tomato Bake, for example, has been elevated to a weekly event in my household. Just remember that you’ll need CBD oil for every recipe in the book, which is my little hint to check out our varieties here.


Your Next CBD Read

As CBD research and popularity continue to rise in tandem, I’ve no doubt there will be more books hitting the shelves in the coming months and years. We’re excited to read them, and the info we glean will surely make its way into our articles. 

This list is by no means exhaustive; for every book I chose, there were at least two that I shelved. That doesn’t mean they weren’t helpful or that we didn’t learn from them. So if you have a CBD book that you loved and think we should read or comment on, let us know.



The 5 Must-Read CBD Books

 Taegan MacLean is the blog editor for 1937 Hemp Store. As a cannabis content writer and editor, he’s spent thousands of hours pouring over words dedicated to this noble plant. He lives outside Toronto, Ontario.

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