Relive Everyday | RE-Assure Natural Watermelon Hemp Extract Vegan Hemp Gummies (30ct, 300mg)


Relive Everyday | RE-Assure Natural Watermelon Hemp Extract Vegan CBD Gummies (30ct 300mg)

Why Should I Choose Hemp Gummies?

It’s no secret that hemp extract tends to have a lingering, plant taste. Our RE-ASSURE Gummies, made with natural fruit and vegetable flavoring, give you a tastier option! Choose between our signature Watermelon, Lime, Orange flavors – or get all three with our Various-Flavors bottle.

With our unique, heart-shaped gummies and family-friendly branding, taking your favorite product with you on-the-go can be worry free! No need to hide your bottle when traveling or at work.

Make adding hemp extract into your daily routine as easy as possible! Each gummy is infused with our broad-spectrum hemp extract, so there is no messy measuring involved. Choose between Level 1 (10mg per gummy/300mg per bottle), Level 2 (20mg per gummy/600mg per bottle), or Level 3 (30mg per gunny/900mg per bottle) to ensure you have enough RE-ASSURE Gummies to keep you feeling your best all month long.

How Do I Use Them?

Here is the easiest part… To get all of the potential benefits of our RE-ASSURE Hemp Gummies, all you need to do is chew up the gummy. For quicker absorption, you can take it sublingually, chew it up and hold it under your tongue, then swallow!

There is no set serving size, as everyone will feel the effects of hemp extract products somewhat differently. All we can recommend is that you start with a low serving (one gummy daily) and continue that routine for a week to gauge whether you could benefit from another. After all, you know your body best!  


Tapioca Syrup, cane sugar, water, agar, locust bean gum, natural flavor, citric acid, lactic acid, hemp extract, fruit and vegetable juice (for color), spirulina extract (for color), coconut oil, carnauba wax.

  • ISO 9001 & ISO22000 Certified