Alternate Vape | Hemp E-Liquid (15ml, 500mg)


Alternate Vape | CBD E-Liquid (15ml, 500mg)

Fill your favorite low-voltage vaporizer pen with all-natural Alternate Vape Oil. Fills 1ml tanks approximately 15 times.


This hemp e-liquid is made with an MCT oil base, which must be vaped at a low voltage (max 5V). Please check your vaporizer pen’s manual or contact the manufacturer to confirm its voltage level(s). Thank you!

Our Alternate Vape Hemp E-Liquid has a delicious terpene-based flavor blend with 500mg Cannabidiol. Paired with a dropper-top cap to easily fill your vaporizer tanks.

• 15ml (500mg)
• Child-resistant and tamper-evident cap
• GMP Certified

This product is THC-free.


We carefully crafted each flavor to utilize the power of hemp, while retaining amazing and natural flavors. Choose from our 3 perfected flavors, made from the best source possible: plant terpenes.

• Mint
• Citrus
• Kush

Compatible Hemp Vape Pen

Alternate Vape is made with an MCT (fractionated coconut) oil base, which must be vaped with a low voltage pen to avoid getting a burnt taste.

Max Voltage: 5V


MCT Oil, CBD, Terpenes


Vape as needed throughout the day. Depending on your vaporizer pen, it may be necessary to let it rest for a few seconds between puffs to avoid a burnt taste.