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Dragon's Lair


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DRAGONS LAIR is potently crafted for the most restless of nights. This powerful CBD tincture’s name is inspired by Mušhuššu of ancient Mesopotamian mythology.

This tincture is full-spectrum and made with USA grown hemp CBD. It is third-party lab tested for potency & safety. Simply add 1ml dropper into your favorite beverage or directly under your tongue.

  • 30 estimated servings per bottle

  • 500MG CBD Per Bottle (~16.5MG Per Serving)

  • Full Spectrum, Hemp-Derived

  • Blended with Delicious MCT Oil

Dragons Lair | CBD Tincture with MCT Oil

Potently Crafted for the Most Restless of Nights

Say goodbye to the hard-to-stomach CBD tincture. Deliciously simple, each dropper (1ml) delivers approximately 16.5mg full spectrum CBD per serving.

So what’s with the name? This simple yet powerful CBD + MCT combination honors Mušhuššu of ancient Mesopotamian mythology. Fierce, raging and powerful, these legendary beasts nonetheless required rest & relief. A simple serving (or two), added to our craft CBD teas, will help you similarly reach bliss* (no fire breathing required).

  • 30 estimated servings per bottle
  • 500MG per bottle
  • Full Spectrum, Hemp Derived
  • Lab-tested
  • 1oz CBD Tincture

Directions: Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Full Spectrum Hemp Derived CBD Extract, MCT Oil.