Sow Eden | Bloom Damask Rose Hemp Body Butter (1.5oz, 150mg)


Sow Eden | Bloom Damask Rose CBD Body Butter (1.5oz 150mg)

Our hemp-infused whipped body butter provides a luxurious experience for any skin type. The organic virgin coconut and shea nut butter base provide the deepest level of nourishment for dehydrated and damaged skin. We have scented the second product of our BLOOM COLLECTION with a rare Damask Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) essential oil from Bulgaria. This essential oil is steam distilled from hundreds of thousands of delicate rose petals cultivated organically in the Bulgarian countryside. Imagine the fragrance of over one-thousand rose blossoms in a single jar.
 If you're a rose fan, our BLOOM Whipped Body Butter is an absolute must have!


We cannot speak highly enough about the aromatherapeutic benefits of true Rose essential oil. The intoxicating scent of the Damask Rose promotes emotional balance and wellness and calms the mind, body, and spirit. Researchers believe rose oil may stimulate the brain to release endorphins, the “feel-good” hormone, as well as dopamine. A number of clinical studies have found that rose oil helps to improve the symptoms of depression, while another study found that when rose oil was applied topically, blood pressure, heart rates, breathing rates, and cortisol levels all decreased. The subjects also reported feeling much more relaxed following the treatment. The combination of true rose essential oil and broad spectrum CBD provides powerful relief from inflammation and discomfort, especially pain associated with the menstrual cycle such as abdominal cramping and lower back pain.


• Anti-aging + general skincare

• After sun exposure / sunburn

• Pain relief / menstrual cramps

• Skin rashes + irritation

• Natural deodorant

• Eczema / psoriasis / dry and flakey skin

• Massage therapy / pedicures + manicures / facials

• Boosting mood and feelings of well-being and self-love

• Improving sex-drive and desire


Use this product daily in your body care and anti-aging regimen. Put it on fresh out of the shower or bath and feel amazing. A little goes a long way. This product is also excellent for massage therapy. May be used on the face and body. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY!

** Before using this product, consult with your physician if pregnant or nursing.**


Virgin Organic Shea Nut Butter, Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Steam-Distilled Damask Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) essential oil, broad spectrum CBD oil.