Can CBD help people taper off Benzos
February 25, 2020

Can CBD Help People Taper Off Benzos?

Benzos, or benzodiazepines, are a group of prescription sedatives meant to help those with anxiety, insomnia, and sometimes seizure disorders. They’re one of the most widely prescribed drugs and are designed for short-term use.

While benzodiazepines help those suffering from anxiety or insomnia, they’re shockingly easy to become dependent on. However, CBD may help people taper off and get back to living benzo-free. 

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Can CBD fight Opioid Addiction
February 13, 2020

Can CBD Help Fight Opioid Addiction?

Opioids help many manage chronic pain, but the repercussions can be devastating. Could CBD offer a solution for those suffering from the opioid crisis? We won’t pretend that CBD will miraculously cure people of opioid addictions, but it may provide a boost to help people overcome some of the hurdles. Let's check it out.


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How Does CBD Change Your Brain Chemistry Over Time?
November 12, 2019

How Does CBD Change Your Brain Chemistry Over Time?

The human body’s ability to heal itself is miraculous. Given the proper support, it can come back from almost anything. Many of today’s common ailments, including brain disease, can be linked at least tangentially to an imbalance in our endocannabinoid system.

Neuroplasticity, the natural change of brain neurons and synapses, is an essential process required for optimal brain health. In adults, this process slows as the number of synapses with dead ends increase. CBD slows this process by trimming these dead synapse ends, clearing the way for new pathways. But how exactly? Let's find out.

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