CBD and GABA System
January 21, 2021

CBD and GABA: An Introduction

Maybe you weren’t aware of this, but GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is constantly working behind the scenes to pump the breaks when neurons in your brain get overexcited. This naturally occurring amino acid is one of your most important neurotransmitters.

For those with GABA deficiencies, CBD may offer the boost they need to keep calm, cool, and collected. 

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What is the Gut Brain Axis (GBA)
September 17, 2019

What is the Gut-Brain Axis (GBA)?

For thousands of years, people have assumed that their mental health and physical wellbeing aren’t separate entities, but instead have a great deal of influence on each other. Over the last few decades, numerous studies have shown that not only does this link exist — it’s called the Gut-Brain Axis, or GBA — but it may play a much bigger role than you can imagine.

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